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So, what is a MONEY MATE?

A financial friend who wants to develop healthier money habits.

We *guess* you could say a Money Mate is a student ambassador if you had to (but we think it's so much more). We're changing the narrative around money to be more inclusive, practical, and honest. Because believes you can concentrate on your finances without a finance concentration.


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How to Become a Money Mate

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Hold up, what’s is a financial well-being app designed to help students and professionals develop healthier money habits so they can spend, save, and budget more confidently. 



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Some of the Features with your FREE Mindset Subscription


Swipe left and right on transactions and *fall in love* with your progress. Tracking your spending has never been easier.


Because even Simone and Lebron haves coaches. We'll help you come up with a game plan and practice better money habits.


Paint a portrait. Your money portrait goes beyond the surface and numbers to identify your values, beliefs, and personality that affect how you like to spend, save, and grow.


Money talks in all subjects.

With most states not requiring financial literacy in their curriculum and credit card companies targeting students, it's more important than ever to foster financial well-being sooner. Here's why:



64% of students lose sleep due to financial stress.

According to Mayo Clinic, a lack of sleep may lead to:

  • Reduce performance in school and at work
  • Depression & Anxiety
  • Substance abuse
  • Long-term symptoms like high blood pressure


 The average student loan debt for graduates. 

According to, consumers with student loan debt are more likely to:

  • Have lower credit scores
  • Live with their parents and be less likely to purchase a house.
  • Have difficulty buying daily necessities


32% of students with financial stress neglect their studies.

Mental illness is on the rise on campus. The American College Health Assoc. found in 2019:

  • 1/3 don't buy the needed materials due to cost.
  • 60% of full-time students working 20+ hrs/ wk felt their job interfered with studies.